Life Improvement Radio is about so much more than just radio. It was launched on September 1, 2010 with the mission of “Enhancing Lives Daily” through free radio programming and has since grown to over 4 million tune-ins annually.

In the process, we gained thousands of Twitter followers and have been featured on multiple news channels, newspapers, and media outlets. The LIR station was designed to provide information to educate, inform, and help in a variety of topics and it worked – our audience loves our internet radio shows and podcasts!

Our programming also has the benefit of helping Business Owners, Speakers, and Subject Matter Experts share their knowledge and grow a loyal and interactive audience.  This PG station prides itself on being a neutral, family-friendly station that only gives facts on topics from family to entertainment to technology.

For those wanting a “walk on wild side”, we offer Life Improvement Radio After Dark, our Rated R platform featuring shows for an adult audience.

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